How to install SSH server in CentOS 6.4,6.3,6.2

How to install SSH server in CentOS


It is used to Connect  to the remote system through secure shell. It give you a copy of remote shell on your desktop.You can also create password less login to the remote system with the help of PUBLIC/PRIVATE keys.

1.For installing SSH open the terminal and type :-

# su                         <--- to become root and enter the password>

# yum install openssh-server

2.  After the completion of Installation you have to on the sshd service and start the service. 

# chkconfig sshd on
# service sshd restart

3. Now you have to ssh from other machine to your machine to test it. that ssh service working properly.

As you can see I am successfully able to login to my machine from ssh. That's it enjoy. 
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