Friday, 12 April 2013


How to install SSH server in CentOS 6.4,6.3,6.2

How to install SSH server in CentOS


It is used to Connect  to the remote system through secure shell. It give you a copy of remote shell on your desktop.You can also create password less login to the remote system with the help of PUBLIC/PRIVATE keys.

1.For installing SSH open the terminal and type :-

# su                         <--- to become root and enter the password>

# yum install openssh-server

2.  After the completion of Installation you have to on the sshd service and start the service. 

# chkconfig sshd on
# service sshd restart

3. Now you have to ssh from other machine to your machine to test it. that ssh service working properly.

As you can see I am successfully able to login to my machine from ssh. That's it enjoy. 

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