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How to install and configure Sparkweb

How to install and configure Sparkweb 

Sparkweb is web-based xmpp client used to connect to your xmpp server like Openfire.
To install and configure sparkweb first of all you must have your openfire server installed and running successfully to achieve the goal.

Sparkweb should be installed on the same server where you running Openfire server.

1. To Download Sparkweb go to link below :-

2. Extract the Downloaded folder like below:-

# tar -zxvf sparkweb_*

3. You will get a directory called sparkweb go inside the directory 

# cd sparkweb

4. Rename the Sparkweb.html to index.html like below:-

# mv Sparkweb.html index.html

5. Now Edit the index.html file 

# vim index.html

Find this section edit like this

server: "",       <--------Your server IP 
          connectionType: "socket",
          port: "5222",
          autoLogin: "false",
    policyFileURL: "xmlsocket://" <---Add this line here 
save & exit the file

6.Now copy the whole sparkweb Directory inside Openfire WebApp Directory.

# cp -r sparkweb/ /opt/openfire/plugins/admin/webapp/

7.  Now change the ownership and permission:-

# cd /opt/openfire/plugins/admin/webapp/
# chmod -R 777 sparkweb
# chown -R daemon:daemon sparkweb

8. Finally try to access from Browser like below:-             <----Change the ip as per your network

9. You need HTTP-BINDING AND  BOSH CLIENT in Openfire server.

Note : If you are using CentOS,Fedora or any other firewall enabled distribution you have open ports like 5222,5229,7070,7443, etc for more details of ports look on Openfire server status page all port listed over there.
For more Details on how to configure go on the below official link

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