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How to install Giltlab in Fedora21/CentOS6-7/Ubuntu-12.04/Ubunut-14.04

How to install Giltlab in Fedora21/CentOS6-7/Ubuntu-12.04/Ubunut-14.04

Feature rich: Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds, wikis and continuous integration.
Open Source: MIT licensed, community driven, 700+ contributors, inspect and modify the source, easy to integrate into your infrastructure.
Scalable: support 25,000 users on one server or a highly available active/active cluster.

1. To install Gitlab on Fedora, Centos . You have to Download the rpm package from the website given below:-

    Download Giltab   <==== Download Gitlab from here.

2.  After Downloading, Installing the package.

Ubuntu OS:- $ sudo dpkg -i  

# rpm -ivh 

3. For your information gitlab works with nginx and it come bundled with the package. If you are running httpd server already then you need change the port otherwise your other project wont be able to work with httpd  because port 80 already used by nginx. To achieve the goal do the following mentioned below:-

# vim /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Change the external url like below:-

external_url 'http://sarfaraz:8888'      <====== Like This, it will change the port 

Save & exit the file

4. Now run the below command to reconfigure it.

# gitlab-ctl reconfigure 

5. After this Try to login from the browser:-

http://sarfaraz:8888        <=My hostname is "sarfaraz " replace                                               with yours.

If you are not able to login with default username and password then run the below command:-

# gitlab-rake gitlab:setup                      <=======CentOS,Fedora

$ sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:setup              <=======Ubuntu

Default username = root
Default password  = 5iveL!fe

How to start and Stop Gitlab service .

# sudo gitlab-ctl start          <- For starting all the gitlab service 

# sudo gitlab-ctl stop           <- For stoping all the gitlab service

# sudo gitlab-ctl restart        <- For restarting gitlab service.

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