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How to create hosted zone in Route53 aws

How to create hosted zone in Route53 aws

Route53 is a service used for purchasing domain and manage your already hosted domain on somewhere else like other domain name providers like godaddy, bigrocks etc.... . If you want to  your manage already hosted domain through route53 then you will have pay the charges like below

Hosted Zones
$0.50 per hosted zone / month for the first 25 hosted zones
$0.10 per hosted zone / month for additional hosted zones

Note :-

The monthly hosted zone prices listed above are not prorated for partial months. A hosted zone is charged upon set-up and on the first day of each subsequent month. To allow testing, a hosted zone that is deleted within 12 hours of creation is not charged.

 First login to your AWS console and  you must have and instance running for testing purpose.  In this scenario I have already purchased the domain. So I am going to create a Hosted zone.

1. Lets create our first hosted zone in Route53 service.

2.  Then click on DNS management :-

3. Click on Hosted zone as we have already purchased the domain from other domain provider :-

4.  After that add your domain name to manage and type should be public :-

5. As you can see in the below images record has been initialized for my domain :-

6.  Now we will try add one A record to DNS  and map it to our instance ip  :-

 7.  Now update this aws name server to your domain registrar site :-

Replace the below     


8. Create an alias for your domain like below :-

9. That's it now check your instance with the name  we just added like below :-

 Thanks, thats it
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