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How to configure AWS CodeDeploy and Codepipeline with Github(Part-1)


In this tutorial we will configure the following things to deploy continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Note :- In the root directory of your github project you must have appspec.yml file. so that codedeploy-agent can install the dependencies  for your project. Extract the conent of the zip and upload it to your project. Two important thing will be there "Scripts and appspec.yml" file. You can also download the SampleApp_linux zip from aws or the link below :-


 The appspec.yml file will look like below :-

version: 0.0
os: linux
  - source: /index.html
    destination: /var/www/html/
    - location: scripts/install_dependencies
      timeout: 300
      runas: root
    - location: scripts/start_server
      timeout: 300
      runas: root
    - location: scripts/stop_server
      timeout: 300
runas: root
1. Github ( You will have to create a Github account)
2. IAM- Roles and Trust Relationship
3. AWS CodeDeploy 
4. AWS CodePipeline
5. EC2-Instance with CodeDeploy-Agent.

In this tutorial I assume that you have created the github account. 

1. Configure the IAM Roles. We have to create TWO roles. 

First Role :- CodeDeployServiceRole 

Select AWS Service --> CodeDeploy --> CodeDeploy 
By Default Awscodedeploy policy will be there nothing to edit.

Select Next Permissions

Give the name to Role as given above.

Second Role :- EC2InstanceProfilePolicy

Go to Policies and create Policy

 Now Select "JSON" and paste the following content in it.

    "Version": "2012-10-17", 
    "Statement": [   
          "Action": [       
          "Effect": "Allow",     
          "Resource": "*"   

Click on Review Policy and Give the name to the policy and create

Now Create IAM-Role with the policy above created with below steps
Click on Create Role and select EC2 and use case EC2

Click Next Permission and attach the policy we created in the above step with name :-  EC2InstanceProfilePolicy

 Click on Next Review and give name EC2InstanceProfileRole

That's it for the Role

2. Launch the EC2 Instance with the role attached.

Launch the AWS AMI-Linux and add the role

Note :- If you are using Ubuntu or any other OS you have to configure aws programatic access to the instance and also configure the region in which your instance are there.

After you have launched the instance you need to install codedeploy-agent on the instance with the following command.

1. yum update -y 
2. yum install -y ruby wget curl git

Download the codedeploy-agent script from the below command. Change the region as per yours it is important

chmod +x install
sudo ./install auto

Check the service status with the following command.

sudo service codedeploy-agent status

If you have completed the following now we will configure the second part.
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