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How to configure AWS CodeDeploy and Codepipeline with Github(Part-2)


In this tutorial we will configure the AWS-Codedeploy service and AWS-CodePipeline service to make Continuous integration and Continuous deployment work.

If you are new user first configure the Part-1 as per the previous article. Click the link below :-

1. Lets configure the aws-codedeploy service :-

Configure the following as below :-

Application name - techs2resolve2git
Compute Platform - EC2/On-premises
Deployment group name - techs2resolve2git  

 Also select In-Place Deployment as it is our requirement.

Configure the Environment and select our instance in which we have install codedeploy-agent. As we are deploying on a single instance we have to select EC2-Instance with tag like below :-

And also we are not using any load balancer for this demo so we are not selecting load balancer leave it as it is.

Deployment Configuration will be :- OneAtAtime

Select the service role we created in part-1 with name:- CodeDeployServiceRole

Click on Create application.

Your application is created successfully.

For testing purpose we will deploy the application manually test here.

1. Select the Application and click Action button and select deploy new revision :-

Application name and Deployment group will be selected automatically or you can select it. Select the option Github to connect with Github repository.

After you have selected github you will have to connect to authorize the github for aws and provide repository name and commit id. 

Leave other as it is and Click on Deploy 

Once the installation is complete you will see the success message.

Lets browse with IP to check installation.

We will next configure the AWS-CodePipeline service in (Part-3)
Check the Part-3

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